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Staycation Weekend

Staycation Weekend

This weekend J. and I took advantage of a visit from the grandparents to have a night away. It was glorious! Since our son is still so little and this was my parent's first time babysitting all three kids, we wanted something close and simple. We decided on a Courtyard Marriott about 15 minutes away from where we could walk to restaurants for dinner and Starbucks for breakfast.

The week before our super quick 18-hour getaway was a little dicey because both girls came down with fevers and colds. I was having some anxiety that their fevers would come back or the baby would get sick, but thankfully my parents and a close friend encouraged us to keep our plans. I'm so glad that we did! I have learned over four years of parenting that when I am having the most anxiety about the kids is often the time when I most need a break away from parenting. When I get back from the break, I am more rational about what's worrying me.

J. and I try to have day dates or nights out every couple of weeks but it's rare that we get a whole night away. I'm always amazed by how even 18 hours away can make us feel more connected with each other and more patient with the kids. When we get back home we are more excited to see the kids and they're more excited to see us. The old adage that you can't miss each other unless you go away, rings true!

My goal whenever grandparents babysit is for everyone to have a good time. We're so fortunate to have two sets of loving grandparents who adore having extra time with the kids. I feel grateful that even though they both live far away our kids feel close with them. I leave some tips and tricks and a basic schedule for the grandparents but I really believe when they are in charge, they are in charge. If the kids eat some extra treats or watch some extra shows it is totally fine with me. I just want everyone to want to help out again!

This weekend J. and I loved being able to walk to restaurants and not worry about driving. We got drinks and then walked across the street to another restaurant for dinner outside. We love to sit at the bar and visit with the bartender and enjoy the more casual atmosphere. Sometimes we have a "no talking about kids or work" rule and other times we chat endlessly about how much they make us laugh. This evening, J. suggested a game which was so fun! You had six words to describe a movie without saying the title or character names and the other person had to guess the movie. It was a fun, festive activity...and I must say I was definitely the winner!

In the morning, J. slept in and I did a quick hotel workout (check out @lathoma3 Instagram page for awesome Tabata workouts!) before we walked together for coffee and breakfast. There we transitioned somewhat back into parenting mode as we made plans for the upcoming months and discussed trips and doctor's appointments, but it was still much more relaxing without three kids literally hanging on us.  

On the way home, J. asked if I was feeling excited or nervous about returning home to the kids. We both agreed we felt relaxed and refreshed to see them after some focused time together. I'm so thankful to my parents for helping us make this Staycation happen!

Budget Breakdown: 

-Hotel Stay: $150 (Upgraded to a suite for $20--totally worth it!)

-Drinks at Brixx: $30

-Drinks & Nachos at Ale House: $30 with a gift card (woot!)

-Hamburger at Smashburger: $6

-Starbucks: $14

Overall, this was only about $75 more than a night out at a fancy restaurant where we would need to pay a babysitter. Pretty good deal!

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